• Why Your Small Business Needs a Website?

    If you are thinking of setting up your small business online and are undecided. Check out the excellent video below created by Google, which answers the question why your business needs a website? The source of the statistical data used in the video is from BIA/Kelsey, User View Wave VII, March 2010. Your prospects now more than [...]

  • Building a Company with Social Media [Infographic]

    Building a Company with Social Media [Infographic]

    This infographic was first published by Elliance in 2008 and still perfectly illustrates how social media can be used to build links, drive traffic and increase company awareness. The graphic explores ways that a business can use specific social media platforms to achieve departmental goals. For small businesses though these departments may be run by [...]

  • How to Improve Email Deliverability [Infographic]

    How to Improve Email Deliverability [Infographic]

    So, you’ve crafted the ‘perfect’ email – subject line and content are on point! You know the best time to send email to your target audience, and you’ve also run through the email campaign delivery checklist. Now, before you hit the enter key, you might just want to make a few more checks to ensure [...]

  • Email Marketing: Best and Worst Times to Send Emails

    Email Marketing: Best and Worst Times to Send Emails

    As a small business you’ve taken the plunge and invested time in painstakingly pulling together your valuable email content for your subscribers, and crafted the ultimate subject line. Now the $64,000 question is…when is the best time to send it? UK Email marketing company Pure360 has identified patterns in consumers’ responses to different email marketing [...]

  • 6 Email Marketing Pitfalls for Small Businesses to Avoid

    6 Email Marketing Pitfalls for Small Businesses to Avoid

    As a small business owner you should have created an Email Marketing campaign so that you can connect and nurture relationships with your prospects and customers. If you haven’t created an email campaign yet – don’t start until you’ve read this post. If you already have an existing email marketing campaign, which is falling short [...]


Online Marketing Made Simple for Small Business…

Are you a small business owner who doesn’t know how to make the most of SEO, PPC or Email Marketing to increase the profits in your business?

  • Your business doesn’t have a website and you are unsure where to start?
  • Would you like to use online marketing to promote your business but don’t have the skills or time to manage it?
  • Do you often wonder why your business is not getting the website traffic and sales results your products or services deserve?
  • Are you confused where your internet marketing efforts should be focused when building an online presence?
  • Do you feel that your webmaster is stringing you along?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then we can help you.

Mule Management specialises in providing online marketing services to small Essex and London businesses who are interested in building deeper longer lasting relationships with their customers for increased profitability. By working in partnership sharing expertise and knowledge towards a common goal.

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Email Marketing for UK small businesses 

 Email Marketing Services

Do you want your business to build a rewarding and addictive relationship with your customers and prospects? Use Email Marketing to effectively keep in touch and get your customers and prospects to know, like and trust you! Our Email Marketing management will help you fulfil that goal.

Google Adwords (pay per click advertising)

Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you want to get your business in front of new clients? Use Search Engine Marketing to sell your products and services. Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Google Analytics management service will help you fulfil that goal.