7 Website Tips to Grow your Local Business Online

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Local ShopIf you are a business owner of a certain age. Do you vividly remember when colour TVs were a luxury item in most households, and the battle between the Betamax and VHS video recording formats without having to Google the answer because you were there!

Then, maybe you’re one of the entrepreneurs of this generation who’s still not convinced by the benefits of putting your business online, or have been slow to make the adjustment.

Cautionary Tale…

Do you recall Kodak when they were world leaders for photographic film products? Well, you may want to read this blog post in the Economist as a cautionary tale of a business on top of it’s game not making the necessary adjustments due to new technological innovations.

…Kodak’s fate ought to be a lesson for today’s technology powerhouses such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. No firm, however strong, can count on continued success: market dominance is only a snapshot in time.

It should be a lesson for your business too.

Are you still confused?

If the opening paragraph has left you still asking what on earth is Betamax and VHS?! And, really?! Colour TV used to be a luxury item!

Hang in there as this video post should still speak to you. ;)

The aim of this video post is to provide you with 7 essential website tips to help grow your local business.

If you are just starting out the lessons in this video post are a great starting point in building a solid foundation for your business – especially Tip #1.

Even if you’ve been in business for a while it’s still worth a watch to review what you think you know. I’d be interested to hear what you think?

Video: 7 Website Tips

Before you watch this video, which is packed full of actionable tips please grab your notebook and pen.

What you’ll learn from the video is:

    • What you should do before you start to design and build your website?
    • Why your website should be the hub of your Internet world?
    • How to get your suspects, prospects and customers to “know”, “like” and “trust” you?
    • Why you should do your Keyword Research?
    • Why you should keep your website content fresh and updated?
    • Why each web page and blog post should have a single purpose?
    • Why you should ensure you are capturing web analytics?

Over to You

What did you think of the video? Did you get any useful insights or takeaways?

Let me know in the comments below.

Finally, if you need any help getting started contact us to arrange a free chat by clicking here.


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